Popcorn Fundraiser – Unit Commission Structure

2023 Popcorn Product Sale


The Moraine Trails Council, BSA pays from the Council share of the sale for product delivery, unit sales materials, youth incentive programs, and staff time coordinating and sorting product prior to unit pick-up. With product being ordered in full cases, the Council also takes the loss on any unsold product. Typically, the Council’s share after these expenses is 26-28 percent of the sale. The Council conducts the sale to support facilities such as Camp Bucoco, Council program delivery, unit support, membership drives, and much more.

Qualifying for Unit Commissions: Units must pay the entire amount due to the Council by December 7, 2023, to qualify for unit commissions. If the unit does not pay on-time, the unit will receive the base commission only. Invoices paid after Dec.14, 2023 will incur a $100 late fee.
 Show & sell orders must be paid by October 26, 2023, to qualify for bonus commission programs.


Scout Online Sales:           All online sales will result in a 30% commission to the unit.


Unit Base Commission:    30% of the gross unit sales. 

Units will receive 30% of the gross unit sales if the unit sells up to $2,000 in gross popcorn sales.


Unit Bonus Commission:   34% of the gross retail sale (online sales not included)

 Units earn a 34% commission when the unit sells more than $2,000 in gross retail sales but does not sell more than $4,999 in gross retail sales.


Unit Super Seller’s Club:   37% of the unit gross retail sale (online sales not included)

Units earn a 37% commission when the unit sells $5,000 or more in gross retail sales or grows the sale by 25% over the unit 2022 gross sale.