Charter Renewal Season

How to Access your Internet Recharter

There are two ways to access the page you need:

The Unit Key 3 will be the only members of a Unit that will have the access necessary to complete the Charter Renewal. If a new leader has taken over, they may be given access by being designated as a Key 3 Delegate through functional positions in My.Scouting.


  • In an effort to streamline basic operations and put tools in the hands of volunteers, the BSA is again going to make “self-service” as many membership processes as possible. This will allow unit Key 3 to print charter certificates and membership cards in a timelier manner.
  • Bucktail Council encourages the use of Internet Charter Renewal for all Charter Renewals. The council feels that the benefits of improved accuracy of Charter Renewal and reduced volunteer and staff effort are so great that this change is required to make best use of resources. If your unit does not have access to the required computer with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, or higher, contact your district’s leadership team for assistance in gaining access to those resources. 

  • No volunteer leader will be registered without Youth Protection Training, the required documentation for the Child Protection Services Law and the new Background Check Authorization.  These documents can be uploaded right into the Internet Charter Renewal software.
  • All documents needed are provided on this website.

Fee Schedule

The follow fee schedule is due for annual renewal:

Scout Membership$ 75
Adult Volunteer$ 45
Charter$ 100
Council Fee per Adult and Youth Member$ 6
Scout Life$ 15

Payment for Charter Renewal may be payed online through the Internet Charter Renewal Website. 

Need Some Help?

A step-by-step walkthrough has been provided to help guide Unit Leaders through the Charter Renewal Process. This guide can be accessed here

For any other inquiries or additional assistance, please contact your district:

Glacier Ridge

River ValleyKing Beaver

Shelby Antoszyk


Amy Kamis


Caelan Hinterlang