Annual Popcorn Sale

Trail’s End Popcorn

The Popcorn Product Sale is one of the Council’s most important fundraisers in 2021. With the effects of the impact the pandemic still being felt, the Council must have 100%-unit participation to survive. Cub Scout membership is down about 40% nationwide with little recruiting possible in 2020. We will need funds for marketing and the fall membership campaign. While many Councils are charging large service fees as an option, our Council leadership would rather we all work together on one successful, joint Council/unit fundraiser this fall to keep scouting affordable for parents and the local unit.

The Council portion of the sale is approximately 25-28% after the Council incurs costs for logistics, product, promotion, staff time, etc. For many years, almost a decade, the unit average commission has been 35%. The Council leadership wants the local unit to have the lions share and be financially solvent, but the Council portion also supports the local unit through member data storage and entering, insurance coverage of many types, membership campaigns, program development and delivery, and facilities like our camps for trainings, program, and unit camping.

2021 Key Popcorn Dates
Aug 11Council Kick-off (Zoom or in-person)
Aug 13Unit Show & Sell Orders Due
Sep 2Show & Sell Distribution to Units
Oct 28Unit Take Orders Due / Show & Sell Payment Due
Nov 18Take Order Distribution to Units/Super Seller Submission Due
Dec 2Unit Popcorn Payments Due
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