Trail’s End Registration

Unit Leaders

Scoutmasters and Cubmasters, this is for you! 

Make sure your Unit is registered and updated with all relevant information including: all participating Scouts, storefront information, as well as ensuring popcorn orders are placed.  

Have a child in Scouts participating, check here! 

For Scouters that may still be in Dens, this allows parents to assist their child or children and continue to meet their sales goals.


Ready to start meeting your goals, Scouters? 

For all Scouts, this is the homepage for your sales. See where you are in your fundraising journey, report on your progress, and check out during your storefront sales!

Questions about Registration?

We are here to help! Trail’s End is the premier site for all of your Unit’s needs. This site supplies a storefront which allows you to place popcorn orders, track Unit and Scout progress, and delegate schedules for Scouts to earn the most! To register, simply click the “register” button and follow the prompts. 

When in Doubt, YouTube!

Trail’s End has supplied multiple videos to explain topics like the Storefront, the Perfect Sales Pitch, and an Account Summary Demonstration. All of these videos can be found on the Trail’s End YouTube channel HERE.