Council Fundraising

Adjustment to Council fundraising policies effective November 16, 2023

Council Fair Share Policy

  1. All units, defined as packs, troops, and crews chartered to the Moraine Trails Council, BSA, are required to participate in the Council “Nuts for Scouting” or “Popcorn Product Sale” to offset increasing costs in supporting unit operations such as insurance, attorney consultation fees, storage of records, staff support, and other direct support to chartered units.

  2. Units may opt out of participating in product sales if the unit committee or chartered organization choses to pay an additional Council service fee, beyond the annual fee all registered members pay when joining or renewing membership with the BSA.

  3. The additional Council service fee will be $38 per registered youth member chartered to the unit on March 1st

  4. The additional Council service fee is payable annually every April 30th. The unit will incur a $100 late fee for each additional month the fee is not paid. If the unit does not pay the fee by the next annual charter deadline, the chartered organization will not be granted a charter.

  5. The Scout Executive and his staff appointees have the authority to adjust unit invoices if some of the unit members participate in a Council product sale, at the discretion of the Scout Executive. For example, a new unit may not be charged until they have been in existence for an entire year.

  6. For a members of a unit to be exempt from the additional service fee, the unit must reach a total equal to an average of $125 per youth member in Council product sales total gross retail.

Upcoming Council Fundraisers