Marble Madness

Roll into Bucoco May 6th!

Are you ready to marble? Come to the Camp Bucoco Preston Center May 6th for Marble Madness! With over 20 booths and concessions, this year is even bigger and better than ever. 

Cost of Attendance is $12 which will include a basic Marble Kit needed to participate. 

T-Shirt Presale is available now! Shirts are pre-order only and will be distributed the day of the event. 

Marble Mazes

Marble Maze Contest submissions can be indicated on your registration. All Participants must be pre-registered. (if you forgot to register for this event during
registration call Amy at 724-996-7645). 

All entrees must be made prior to event, using any supplies, supplied by scout. Maze must be made inside a cardboard box, maximum size of box (24”x24”). Entries may be submitted from 10am-4pm day of the event. Winning entrees will be judged promptly at 4pm, no late entries accepted. Winners will be announced at 4:30 pm, winners need not be present to win.

Categories for awards:

Best over all artistic design           Most Wild & Crazy             Best Dinosaur Design

Most Patriotic                                  Most Toys applied             Best Fantasy Design

Best Engineered                              Best Princess Design        Best Space Marble Design 

Best Harry Potter Design               Best Cub Scout Theme     Best Disney Design

Most complicated design              Best Lego Design              Most Simple Design


Ring Competition Rules

Competitions will be held every hour, be sure to select your time slot at registration!

1. Ranks compete against each other. Each hour there will a rank winner, invited to come back to          compete for the rank trophy at 4:30pm. Then all Rank Champions compete for the Champion              Trophy and Prize. 

2. Each player must submit one of their marbles each round for play, knowing they may not get that       marble back. 

3. Winner(s) of each round get to keep marbles submitted that round.
            A. The one marble left in center wins all marbles on board
            B. More than one marble left in center at the end of round constitutes more than one winner                     that round. All marbles submitted that round are divided evenly amongst the winner. Odd                     Number marble will be left in outer circle and awarded to next rounds winner(s).

4. A scout may shoot his shooter marble anyway he or she wishes.

5. All shooter marbles must not exceed 1” in diameter.

6. Scout Shoots marble in the center ring and does not get knocked out for the entire round = 1              point

7. Scout Shoots marble in the center ring and knocks out another players marble in the process = 2       points

8. If scouts marble gets knocked out of center ring they do not earn any points that round.
    Scouts play 5 rounds with their group, the Scout that has the most points at the end of the 5th
    round wins the competition and will be invited to compete at the 4:30pm championship round .

9. Hourly winners of each rank cup will go on to compete against the other all rank winners, for the        pack cup.

10. Above process is repeated to determine Pack Marble Champion!!!