Bucoco Summer Merit Badge Program

Learn Something New This Summer!

This Summer, Camp Bucoco will be hosting a wide variety of Merit Badge programs for any Scout looking to fill their sashes. Guest instructors will be regularly brought in to instruct on Merit Badges covering topics within their fields of expertise. While most classes will be offered on site at Camp Bucoco, a select few will be held at locations more suitable for the class. Be sure to check all the information for class before attending so that you know where and when it will be as well as what prerequisites will be required before attending.

Classes are being scheduled for two weeks a month for June, July, and August. During the week, they will be held as Monday, Wednesday, Friday programs from 9:00 to 3:00. Registration for classes open on March 20 and closes one week before the certain class takes place. The fee is $25 for each class see below for the current schedule.

Summer 2023 Class Schedule


  • 19th Citizenship in Society
  • 21th First Year Camper
  • 23rd Indian Lore
  • 26th First Aid
  • 28th Aviation
  • 30th Signs, Signals, and Codes


  • 10th Emergency Preparedness
  • 12th Forestry
  • 14th Metal Working
  • 17th Citizenship in Society
  • 19th Robotics
  • 21st Pioneering
  • 31st Citizenship in the World


  • 2nd Animation
  • 4th Crime Prevention
  • 7th Photography
  • 9th Genealogy
  • 11th Archaeology

Additional merit badge programs may be included as time progresses.