2021 Fall Membership Drive

The 2021 Membership Campaign Is Crucial to Pandemic Rebound

The Council staff has been meeting with other Councils and attending National BSA webinars in preparation for what may be the most important membership campaign in the history of Scouting. With membership down 40% compared to 2019 due to the pandemic, the Council will be laying out a plan and it is absolutely crucial that local units cooperate and follow the Council’s lead as a significant investment will be made in marketing Scouting this September. The Council has hired a video producer to film local Scouting families as they discuss the benefits and pleasure of the Scouting program. These videos will be released weekly on social media and we ask our members to share them.

We ask unit leadership to begin securing sign up night dates this month and entering the data into our website as soon as possible. This can be done at the following links:

Troop Sign Ups

Pack Sign Ups

This gives the Council the opportunity to purchase geofencing advertising on Facebook and prepare peer-to-peer invitation cards that Scouts can hand out when they return to school. This all takes advanced planning and coordination. Thousands of school flyers have been ordered from BSA vendors as well as yard signs. The Council website will be populated with information every week through the month with tips, guidebooks, and other pertinent information. We appreciate our local leaders and look forward to supporting the campaign. 

Resources and Training

Visit and explore the following links to find resources and trainings available to unit leaders. 

Welcome to Recruitment! This page has a load of resources for all units including webinars, marketing materials, a social media planning tool, and the national membership kickoff video!

BSA Brand Center: This page has HUNDREDS of templates, designs, logos, and more to make your marketing materials pop! Whether you use fliers, peer-to-peer cards, e-invites, social media, or carrier pigeon, the BSA Brand Center has something for you!

Online Registrations Resources: This page has articles, videos, and other resources to help unit leaders accelerate their fall recruitment. The biggest asset on this page is a step-by-step tutorial on updating your information that appears on BeAScout.org. BeAScout.org is the primary website on all Scouts BSA marketing material. Here, prospective scouts and their parents can find information about your unit and sign up online without even having to do any extra paperwork!

Welcome to Cub Scouts Flyer: This flyer is a fillable stock flyer for packs to use around the community or for personal invitations to join the pack!

Tips to Build Your Unit’s Membership

  • Get to know the teachers and administrators in your school district
  • Use peer-to-peer invitations during the back-to-school season
  • Wear your uniform in public
  • Carry applications with you to youth gatherings
  • Display yard signs around your neighborhood
  • Ensure that your information on www.BeAScout.org is up to date
  • Post sign-up night flyers around town and at recreation centers
  • Do not overwhelm new parents with immediate leadership responsibilities
  • Have a unit welcoming committee ready to answer questions
  • Be open to new people and new ideas
  • Create and use your social media!